Monday, June 9, 2014

Stenciled Walls

I've never really been a big fan of stencils, until recently. Since they are growing in popularity, in my line of work, I have to jump on the band wagon. I love a damask stencil, always have. But my favorite stencil to date is this Herringbone Shuffle Stencil. I have used it in several rooms, and it has such a versatile look.

This herringbone stencil is today's DIY wall treatment for kids rooms.

This fun and simple girls room, is pulled together with this 5 color stencil.
The walls were base painted in a light blue-grey color. Some basic white pieces were used in the room, the bedding, and dresser. The custom ballet art throughout the room, tie in the colors of the quilt and  lamp shade. I painted 4 ballet art pieces, with different colored tutu's.
The wall stencil brings it all together. 

Designed by Dy Lynne Decor

This small dresser acts as a night stand. 
It isn't to tall or bulky, and with the glass doors, it makes it feel lighter in the room. 

A sweet little grouping of pinks and corals fill up the nightstand. 
Here you can see the color of the stencil. I picked these directly from the bedding. Orange, coral, white, yellow, and grey.

A simple girly chair and more ballet art, fill up this corner of the room.

Here is a boys nursery, with the same wall treatment.
The walls here, were in a light tan color. For the stencil I used mostly grey and orange, and a few lines of lime green. All of these colors can be found in the bedding, and in the decor throughout the room.

Designed by Dy Lynne Decor
With a statement wall like this, you don't really need alot of decor or art on top of it. 
Here they used some simple letters above the crib, to spell out the name.

You may remember my daughters Shabby-Beach Bedroom, where I used this stencil on a side wall, in seven colors of blue. Seven colors was a big undertaking. I used different shades of aqua, not all of them were found in the bedding, but I started with the wall color, and aqua in the bedding and went darker and lighter than those two.

Your feature wall doesn't always have to be a back wall. The custom bed we made for this room, was such a statement piece, that I didn't want to detract from it.

Think about other areas where you can put a statement stencil, such as this one...niches, back splashes, entryways, even hallways. Bigger wall areas make this piece easier to look at. 
Small spaces, such as powder baths for instance, will be to small, and will look very busy with a treatment like this.

Be sure to check out the How-To for this fun stencil here...

Get your own stencil here, at Royal Design Studio $35

Until next time!!

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