Color Me Palettes

I'm staring a new series here on The Ragged Wren, called "COLOR ME".  The plan is to bring you helpful ways to incorporate color into your house, with paint, and decor. You should see these color me posts, a couple times a month. Now I know that some of you are scared of color, and that's ok. Others prefer the more neutral palette, and that's ok too. For everyone though, there will be inspiration, which you can apply to everything in you home, from bathrooms, to kitchens. 
Keep in mind that most of the homes I will be showcasing on here are model homes, done by my gals over at Dy Lynne Decor. I know your home may not look anything like these perfectly presented homes, and you may not be able to afford half the stuff in it (heck I can't), but you can pick up tips and tricks, to pulling in a little bit of color, or a whole lot!! 
If you aren't following along yet, be sure and sign up. I'm sure to get to a palette that you will be wild about.  
Not sure what your looking for quite yet? "Pin" these photos, and start your own color inspiration board on Pinterest. Be sure you check out my Pinterest boards as well, for all sort of ideas.

Color Me Beach-House Blue

Color Me BOLD- Decorating with orange & blue
Color Me Lucky- Decorating with Green

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