Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Vintage Glam Master- Get The Look

The vintage glam look seems to be very popular these days, and with the onset of winter, something cool and frosty seemed to be on my mind. Though, down here in Texas, snow and frost is something we hardly see. It is starting to get get cold here, some freak cold front, which in November is really weird for us. So my mind had been stuck on winter mode...with jackets, boots, and the longing for Colorado snow.

That being said, this vintage glam bedroom seemed like the perfect inspiration for a winter-time, bedroom makeover. This beautiful room was designed and decorated by the ladies at Dy Lynne Decor. 

Get the look.....

The two main rules for bringing a room like this together are....keeping it neutral, and mixing textures and patterns.
Most of the colors in this palette, are in the khaki range, with touches or creams and blues.
There is a wide variety of fabrics here, from a burlap on the chairs, and linen on the headboard, to a silk on the window shade. Mixing them keeps the room from feeling to simple.

For the glam part of the look, different types of metals, and glass were used. 
Two small, antiqued gold, and crystal chandeliers were hung over each nightstand. This is wonderful way to really make a statement. These were hung directly on the ceiling, even with the slope, they hang nicely. You want them to sit just off the wall. 
You could also add sconces directly to the wall, but you would loose the size, and the walls wouldn't seem as tall.

Here is a budget friendly chandelier from Wayfair, at only $99.
CBK 4 Light Candle Chandelier From Wayfair 
The light in the center of the room, is a smaller, understated chandelier. You don't want to go to big here. Just enough to tie in with the room, and give you light. But not to big, as to draw you attention away from the focal wall. 

Here is an alternative to the ceiling fixture. From Shades of Light, at around $397, it isn't very budget friendly, but it sure is beautiful. 
 Vintage Modern Gold and Crystal Mini Chandelier
Vintage Modern Gold and Crystal Mini Chandelier from Shades of Light 

On the back wall, is a beautiful wallpaper! It has a light gold, shimmered backing, and a cream hand painted looking design. This is the main focal point of the whole room. It is soft, and simple, but makes such a statement. 

Since the gold base is not shinny, it wont create glare, just a soft shimmer, and glow from the chandeliers. No art is even needed above the bed here.  

Unfortunately, this is not a cheap product, and with all the texture, not easy to apply. 

To get a similar look, you could try using a stencil. Here is an all over stencil that could be used over a soft gold color. Adding a bit of plaster, or smooth texture paint (a heavy textured paint, similar to a light plaster) to the cream paint, will help thicken it up, and give you this textured look.

Anna Damask Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils

On the opposite side of the room, is an antiqued dresser, in a white tone. A large mirror helps open up the space, and more glass and different colors of metals are used in the decor.

The linen duvet with ruched trim is from Pinecone Hill, but is no longer available. A simple linen duvet can be adorned with lace or ribbon to get a similar effect. Mixing patterns, textures and layers helps make this bed cozy, and inviting. I love the blue-grey distressed headboard, it's the perfect compliment to the linen.

Since the bathroom is open to the bedroom, the decor and color palette was carried through. 
The gold and crystal scones, are the perfect touch of glam. Bronze, silver, and mercury glass are all mixed in here.

Room designed, and decorated by Dy Lynne Decor.  
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