Monday, March 3, 2014

Color Me- BOLD

So I'm staring a new series here on The Ragged Wren, called "COLOR ME".  The plan is to bring you helpful ways to incorporate color into your house, with paint, and decor. You should see these color me posts, a couple times a month. Now I know that some of you are scared of color, and that's ok. Others prefer the more neutral palette, and that's ok too. For everyone though, there will be inspiration, which you can apply to everything in you home, from bathrooms, to kitchens. 
Keep in mind that most of the homes I will be showcasing on here are model homes, done by my gals over at Dy Lynne Decor. I know your home may not look anything like these perfectly presented homes, and you may not be able to afford half the stuff in it (heck I can't), but you can pick up tips and tricks, to pulling in a little bit of color, or a whole lot!! 
Keep an eye for these posts, I'm sure to get to a palette that you will be wild about. 
Not sure what your looking for quite yet? "Pin" these photos, and start your own color inspiration board on Pinterest. Be sure you check out my Pinterest boards as well, for all sort of ideas.  

Now onto some color!!!

Color Me Bold
Bold, can include a lot of different color palettes, but this week I'm looking at mixing oranges and blue together. Now for all my family and friends back in Colorado, don't get to excited here...we aren't talking Broncos, and no horse heads will make an appearance.
Design by- Dy Lynne Decor 

In this room, you will notice that while there are lots of pops of color, they all flow well, and create a cohesive look.  When going for a bold color palette like this, there are a couple of things to remember...
1. Start with a neutral base paint. Here a soft tan color was used, like "Alchemy" by Sherwin Williams. You don't want your walls to be the center of attention, you want them to flow with the rest of your space. 
2. Scatter around the colors. You'll notice in this room, you don't see just one color in any large area. Using a bold fabric color on individual chairs, and not on the large couch, brings in the deeper blue, without it being overpowering. Bringing in blue and orange pillows throughout the space (including on the fireplace), also helps break up the color, and carries it around the room, giving it a comfortable look. Notice that no space in the room is completely filled with color, but all the areas have a bit of one or both of the colors, even the fireplace.
3. Change up the tones of the color. When shopping for decor and furniture, look at all ranges of blues and oranges, you shouldn't be buying just one tone. Using only one tone, will make the room seem harsh with color. In this room, you will see that the large armoire piece that is against the wall, is substantially lighter than the chairs. If this piece were dark, the room would feel weighted to that side. The rug is also a brighter and bolder shade of blue than anything else in the room. Notice that the art above the fireplace, carries in a very soft, warm shade of blue and orange. Even the neutral part of this palette, is in a range, a creamy colored sofa, white upholstered ottoman, and tan walls. The rock also helps carry on some darker parts of the neutral palette.
4. Mix in patterns and textures. Iv'e said this before, and you'll probably hear me say it a hundred more times, but its is so important! This is what really make any space fell warm and cohesive, even with cool colors. Having different textures throughout this room, like in the rock, grass cloth rug, nubby linen blue chairs, antiqued blue armoire, embroidered pillows, and wool blanket, all make this room feel softer, no matter their color. Having different types of patterns, will give you an eclectic look, like something that was found over time, and pieced together. They don't all have to match any specific style, unless your going for a super themed type of room. 

Here is another space that brings in this same concept, but using more of a coral-orange, and a navy. This space is in more of the warmer fall tones. 
Design By- Dy Lynne Decor
Maybe you already have the base for a room like this? 
Adding in some easily changeable items, like rugs, pillows, and table decor, make it a quick change space. Decorate with the seasons, or as you sway between color palettes. It's easy to do, if your bigger pieces stay in a simple, neutral palette. 
If you are addicted to decorating like me, this is the perfect solution! 

All the colors shown here are Sherwin Williams colors.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! It's good to know that I should be using a range of blues in my house and not sticking to one color. The model is stunning!

  2. This is so great. I am excited about this series. Love my orange in my house!