Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ice Cream Birthday

Party planning for little kids, is not an easy task!
They have no idea what they really want, or like. If you asked them what kind of party they want, they would probably spout out their top 5 "favorite" things in the world. Other kids know just what they want....I think my son may be having a dinosaur party every year until he's 20, at the rate we're going....he's sorta obsessed!

Pulling together a giant bash, weather you have a "theme" or not, can be daunting. Who really wants to spend weeks organizing, planning, cooking, running around, and cleaning up, just for a 3 year old's birthday...It's exhausting!
 I vote simple. 

One of my recent customers had the right idea. She hosted a birthday celebration at a local ice cream shop....where she doesn't have to do the clean up! Hooray for that idea!
And what kid doesn't love ice cream??

I thought this was such a cute party. 
All you need is a little bit decorations to make it "custom",  a whole lot of ice cream, and a handful of kids (who will be wired with sugar, and then you can hand them over to their mothers).

For this ice cream social, I custom painted a party sign with the birthday boy's name. 
It's not to themey, so this is something that can be rolled up, and used year after year. 
The sign was painted on canvas, and I attached two grommets, for easy hanging. 

Balloons in two sizes, and lots of silver confetti, give this space some color and character, and couldn't be easier to set up.

What kid would "not" choose, a soup pot full of 20 scoops, to celebrate their birthday. 
I think I figured out my party for this's just to bad I'm lactose intolerant :(

Love this idea of giving the kids disposable cameras. I'm sure she got some hilarious shots out of it!

What a beautiful family, and a great looking party.
Happy Birthday William!

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  1. I'm just seeing this...THANK YOU so much. I'm going to need more for next year : ).