Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dinosaur Wedding Toppers

So I know what your thinking right now.......
"What did that say?"
Yes I know, I thought they same thing about 6 months ago. A customer on Etsy had found my shop, and had seen some of the dinosaurs, and cake toppers I already make. She loved the style, and wanted me to make her a dino bride, and groom for the top of a wedding cake. 
It will admit, it sounded a bit strange at first, but I saw lots of possibilities. So I thought would give it a shot. The fact that she trusted me to make something for the top of her cake, for her big day, showed alot of faith!
Jessica sent me images of their wedding attire, and fabric colors, and I dolled up the dinosaurs to look like the two of them. 
How fun are these!

 She has a feathery blusher, a very blingy ring, and some not so subtle hot pink lipstick. Her dress has details that mimic the brides gown.
The groom is wearing a grey vest, and a yellow bow tie. 

They came out soooo cute, that I thought I would re-list it, in case anyone else might want a quirky wedding topper....turns out they did, Ive sold over 20 sets since then. Big hugs to Jessica for her creative idea!

Here is this cute dino couple, atop a gorgeous wedding cake!

Here is the real bride and groom, on their big day.
They look amazing, of course. Those toppers are a spitting image...minus all the gnarly teeth. 

A big thank you to Jessica and Tom, for letting me create something for their special day.
Amazing wedding photos shot by Molly Anne, from Molly Anne Photography.

Here are a couple more of my custom made dinosaur wedding toppers. 
They can also be found on my Etsy shop HERE.

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