Friday, February 14, 2014

Modern-Country Master Suite Makeover

I know those words, don't sound like they go together...Modern and Country?? I think when most people think country, you think old patterns, heavy colors, and something your grandmother may have done. But that just isn't so. 
These days, eclectic is such a big term. This really means encompassing several different design styles into one space. So why not modern-country?

Here's how you can make these two styles meld together, in a master suite. 

1.In this room, the main focal point, and what really holds the whole thing together, is the grass cloth wallpaper, on the back wall. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, but you have to mix textures and any kind of design. Grass cloth is such a grounder to a room, it warms a space, has the texture you need, but still takes on that modern flare. 

2.I love this bed, it's a modern twist on a traditional 4 post bed. 
In a very modern room, it would take on a whole new look. But here, with the color, and the beefy-ness, it still says country. 

3.Above the bed, are simple paintings, framed in a thin gold frame, bring in the modern.
4.As well as the mercury glass lamps on the nightstands. 

5.The nightstands, are new, painted to look old. 
A cream finish, with just the right shape, that really pulls in the country feel. 

6.The bedding is where this room can go to heavy in either direction. So it's important to mix the styles.
Here a soft blue patterned comforter was used as the base. It almost has a denim color. 

7.They brought  in a set of gingham and striped euro shams, in two colors. It was paired with throw pillows, that have a more modern, colorful print 

The seating area in this room, follows the same rules. 

The curtain panels, are white, simple and modern. As is the wood mirror, and art piece.
These are paired with a chair, that has a tacked edging, and more patterns, and prints.

 I love this space, I want to curl up in this bed and take a nap just looking at it!!

The bathroom has the same feel. Black sanded down cabinets, mixed with different metals, and patterns.

I like how they put a fabric covered cube here, with a bright pattern. Instead of using a chair that would make the space look heavy.

This beautiful Master Suite was designed, and put together, by the amazing team at Dy Lynne Decor!
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