Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Modern Woodland Bedroom

Woodland themed rooms seem to be all the rage these days, heck I have one in my house right now. They are fun, playful, and bring the outdoors in. 
Making a woodland space for an older boy though, can pose a challenge. They don't want soft and cuddly, and they don't want tents, and campfires.  So, I thought I would give you a couple simple tricks to pulling off a modern woodland bedroom, with a room designed by my favorite designers, at Dy Lynne Decor.

1. Use bold, warm colors. Keeping in rustic palettes will give off the vibe of woodland, without having a bunch of themey fabrics. In this room the wall color is a grey-green tone. The accent color used, was a deep maroon. By adding splashes of grey, and a dark wood grain, the room feels rounded off, but not overly simple. 

 2. Woodland art is a must! For the younger crowd, owls, and cute little foxes are the perfect fit, but in this grown-up boy room, It wouldn't last him many years. For the art work in this room, a simple silhouette is enough to let you know the overall theme. Keeping in the same shades from the rest of the room, helps it from overpowering the space. The pattern, and scale pull in the modern vibe. I love how these two are mounted, off set to each other, this keeps your eye moving around the room, and makes it more interesting to look at. 

3.Accessorize. This is where people tend to go overboard on a room, making it too themey. You don't need to buy every piece of woodland decor you see. Some books about the outdoors stack on the nightstand, and a simple silver faux deer head, is just he right amount to balance off this side of the room.

A lamp, with a chevron grey and white lampshade, and a box of faux antlers, help balance out the dresser on the other side of the room.

It doesn't take alot to pull this look off, and modern is the perfect way to go with simple (and inexpensive) decor and design elements. 
This would also be a great way to make a hunting themed room. Here in Texas, hunting is big, with just a few adjustments in the accessories, the whole theme could be changed.

The deer art is such a big part of this room, check out the how-to for this super simple DIY art piece.

How-To: Making Deer Art
To start, I used a large roll of craft paper to sketch out my deer head. You could also use some left over wrapping paper for this (you know, that ugly one you have had tucked away for the past 5 years). If your not ready to free-hand a deer just yet....print off some clip art in a larger scale. You don't want it to fill up your entire space, so keep it about 3"-6" away from the edge. 

Carefully cut your new pet out, taking extra care with the antlers. You only need one of these for this project, you can just flip it over to make a matching piece, if your doing two. 

Lay out the little guy, making sure he is right where you want him, get a level if you need it (you don't want to have to start over because he's tilted). Trace around the craft paper cutting. 

Though you may not be able to see it, this is the canvas with the tracing on it (I work in the middle of the night, which means very dim lighting).

The next step is to paint your darker color. Try to stay in the lines, although after all these years, I'm still having trouble with that. You will be going back over the white, so don't worry to much. 

If you opt to do a pattern of the back, this is when to do it. I think it gives it more character, but if you want super simple, leave it plain. For a quick fix, you can pick up a simple pattered stencil at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby. If you have a bit of time to order one, you can find a much larger variety of stencils, online at  Royal Design Studios.
Try to keep the pattern simple, you don't want to change the focus. 

Keep the stencil out of the white as much as possible, it's just more to cover up later. 

Lastly, you will need to fill in the white space, some areas my need more than one coat to cover up any grey that overlapped.

And there you have it....very simple. 

You could do this with any theme, or any animal really. It works best on something with a detailed silhouette. A hippo for instance, may just look like a blob. It would be cute with a yellow background, and a giraffe head, or a leathered background and a football silhouette....the possibilities are endless.

This bedroom was designed, and decorated by the team at Dy Lynne Decor.

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