Friday, September 13, 2013

A helping hand

If you have more than one child, you know how crazy life can get. I have three,  and sometimes it feels like I live at an insane asylum. Some are singing, some are crying, others keep saying
 "mom-mom", who are these kids?
Maybe I'm the one who has lost my mind... I DO have a really cute white jacket to wear though. 

Most of my friends also have kids, so they all get it... Like when your on the phone, and have to pull the phone to the side to chew out a child...we just keep talking though it, like nothing ever happened...its least I think it is. 

When a client of mine with kids, called one day and said she needed a hand... I, of course offered my help. Turned out, she needed an actual hand, or at least a painting of one. Again, I offered my help.
She gave me a picture from Architectural Digest, that she had ripped out. It had a photograph of a hand, above a mantel, in a very high end livingroom. 

It was small and hard to see,  so I did some research online. Though, I could not have prepared myself for what I found.
 The photograph was the work of John Coplans. He mostly does self portraits, of different parts of his body. Let me just say, unless you want to see an inappropriate picture of and old man... DON'T go searching. 
I may be scarred for life.  
He is though, a talented photographer, and grungy hands do make for a cool piece of art, in the right house. Just so happens, my client loves funky art, and who better to paint her one than me.

A couple pieces in his series of hands. 

I painted this on a 4'x5' canvas, hairy hands and all. 
It was going to hang in her entryway, as a focal point when you first walk in. 

After a little redecorating in her house, she moved the piece to the breakfast area, and it got a little make over. 

This was an awesome piece to do, I love when people think outside the box, and this is defiantly a conversation starter!

             To fill the hole in the entry I made a new custom painting....stay tuned for the pictures.

Now go give a mom a hand, a helping hand.... She could use it!

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