Sunday, October 27, 2013


So i finally did it... I decided on costumes. I will tell you,  that it wasn't until this last Sunday. A friend called, to reminded me that her daughters birthday party was a costume party. AHHH...are you kidding, that's six days from now. With work, and events almost every night,  it was a struggle. I even had to start Braeden's costume all over. I started with fur, which was a huge mess!! Mostly he hated it, it kept getting it in his mouth, and I think it was freaking him out a little. 
So I grabbed some grey fabrics and stated a new one...on Thursday. 
I finished most of it that day. Only a few adjustments for each costume on Friday, not bad for down to wire. I work better under pressure!
The party was last night, and the kids had such a good time. They all love getting dressed up. 

Ashlyn was the Queen Of Hearts. 
I couldn't find a pattern I liked in her size... so I winged it. I made her a dress a couple years ago with a pattern, and It was sooo time consuming. Since it is only for 2 nights, I just pieced this one together myself. 
She loved to feel like royalty, go figure. 

 She has such a great "off with their heads" roar. 

For Kiera, and Braeden, I thought they were still young enough to wear coordinating outfits. My friend mentioned the idea of Little Red Riding Hood, and the Big Bad Wolf. I knew it would be perfect. Kiera could look sweet and innocent (which she's not) and Braeden could chase around after her, growling (which he already does).

I pieced Kiera's dress together as well, just couldn't find quite the right pattern. I loved the wide lace, I used it around the bottom of the skirt, and for cuff sleeves. I made a simple black vest and just sewed it directly on the top so it would stay in place, I just stitched on the black grosgrain ribbon. The little gingham apron front, is lined with lace trim, as well as the neck of the dress. I found a little basket at Hobby Lobby and lined it with the same gingham fabric.

I made her a hood, and lined the inside with the same fabric.  She wasn't a huge fan of wearing the hood, but would at least keep it tied on, hanging in the back. 

Breaden obviously isn't your, super scary big bad wolf, but I didn't want him to look to baby-ish either. Not an easy task making him look like a wolf, without fur, I think its close though.

I started with a long sleeve shirt, and girls leggings (don't tell my husband). I used black, but had I had more time, would have tried to find grey. I used 4 different colors of grey cotton fabric. I cut them with pinking shears in 3" wide strips. Then cut into each strip every inch or so, and clipped corners on each piece. I started to fray the edges with my thumb nail, just breaking up the edges. That lasted until halfway though when I got lazy and tired, and just grabbed it in one hand and pulled it though several times back and forth. Wasn't very frayed but whose gonna notice. I hot glued them all on, while slightly stretching the fabric, so he could move in it.  I think I went through probably 100 sticks of glue, it is one of my favorite tools! For the head, I used a winter hat for the shape, and just glued the pieces to it, and gave him ears. 

 I was pretty sure he wouldn't let me put any face paint on him, but I did get a little bit on, before it became an issue. By the time we made it into the car, most of it had been wiped off. 

A couple stuffed socks, gave the shape for the tail. 

Next to impossible to get a photo of all three looking at me!

Since we were going to a costume party, I was going to dress up too. But after the long week, this is about all I could muster up. Sort-of a woods-woman.

I caught the big bad wolf....everyone is safe now. 

At the party....
The birthday girl, dressed as Audrey Hepburn. How cute is she!

 They had a version of bobbing for apples, with donuts hanging from the tree. You had to eat it without using your hands. It was pretty funny.

 He loved his fangs, a bit of a problem chewing though.

There was even a hay ride, through a spooky forest. It was a tractor with a cart pulled behind. There was scary music, glowing eyes, spooky things hanging, and people standing in the forest to scare the kids. They had so much fun.

It was a great party, and he costumes were a huge hit. 
Now, just waiting for Halloween. 


  1. Would you consider selling the Big Bad Wolf Costume and Red Riding Hood this year, or borrowing? I have 2 girls, 4 years and 2 years old and I think this may fit perfect!

  2. Are costumes available? Let me know either way, thx!