Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching. I am usually putting a costume together the day week before. This year shoud be no different.
It seems like the less time I have, the more I decide to do. 
When I just had one child, I bought a costume, but as she got older, and other kids came along, I have made them, and gotten much more elaborate with them.

Here is a fun little collection of some of the costumes.

2006, Pirate, she was in a major pirate phase, she said "ARGG" this all the time! 

2007, Robot, It had blinking lights, and buttons....but she couldn't put her arms down :)

2008, Sandy Cheeks, the squirrel from Sponge Bob. She had the fish bowl hat, and a tail. 

2009, Garden Fairy, floral headpiece, and leafy wings.

2010, 50's girl, and my little greaser. 
He was bit small for to much effort, but he did get a tattoo and some hair gel. 

2011, Masquerade Ball, I sewed this whole thing! I was quite proud, it was a long hard task, but she looked amazing! Cat in the hat, he was so sweet in this, I hand made this one too.

2012, Vikings, This was my favorite year so far! Obliviously I went way a little overboard. The hats were a papermache experiment. Kiera wore a baby hat, spray painted in silver, with some cute little braids peaking out. 
The vests were all hot glued together, there was no way that fur was getting through my sewing machine, and I love the glue gun! The boots were covered with it as well. 
I added leather belts, and arm bands. I used some wood veneer and made a shield for my son, and painted a dragon on the front.

Needless to say, I think I have to top it this year, it's a curse...I blame my mom :)
We have been bouncing ideas around for this years costumes, but haven't decided yet. Yikes.
Stay tuned.....

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