Monday, November 18, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Things- Dog Pillow

My dogs have free reign in my house, they lay wherever they please. My back sofa cushions usually have an indention and a warm spot from where one of the two were sleeping half the day..LAZY
(oh how I wish I could join them)
I have a Maltipoo named Leia, and a Yorkie named Delilah 

My Malti-poo has been having seizures for a couple years now, and while she hasn't had bad effects from it, she does drool when shes having one, which leaves a yellow spot wherever shes at. This became a problem with my bedding, and I realized how many she was having as well. Both of the dogs had to be weened off of sleeping on the bed. It only took 2 days, and they got the point. They did need somewhere to sleep though.

After alot of searching, I found this dog pillow, and I fell in love!!! It's from Dreamy Whites

How fabulous...grain sack, and  french hemp linen material, and big enough for the both of them.
Then reality reared its expensive head...$325....ummm I think not sure MY bed even cost that much! While I wished I could put my hard earned money into a fabulous round pillow for sleeping dogs (whom may not even use it, I might add) I thought about my sweet little kids, and how they would probably not appreciate running around naked everyday, for the sake of the lazy dogs.

So I had to make my own, and no way was I using french linen, doggie barf doesn't come out of that to well.
So no laughing, and judgement aside, I used what I had in the house.
 I was not willing to pay for a brand new round dog bed from the pet store just to cover it up, so I used a pillow. 
Yes a regular old bed pillow.
 It seemed much bigger while sitting on the floor, cutting out the material. My husband thought I was making one for each dog....nope.

I made a pocket pillowcase, so I could take it off and wash it, if when I needed to.

I just laid some cotton canvas like material over my pillow, cut it about an 1 1/2" bigger all the way around.
I folded the corners together, and stitched along the back of each edge, no need to cut.

When you open it back up, it will look like a wide X. I used the zig-zag stitch with a red thread, and went down both lines on the front. I made edges, and a back, and used the same zig zag stitch for all the edges.

I use this in front of my night stand. The dogs sleep on it, all snuggled up together at night!

I'll need to make a bigger one in the future.. but for now they are comfy...and off my bed.

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