Sunday, November 24, 2013

Give Away- Holiday Party Polar Bear

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is this week. I'm so excited to cook a giant meal! In the meantime I am trying to catch up on holiday shopping...I'm about 5% through my list, YAY! 
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I have this whole week off, which is a big deal around here. I have a giant list of things to do, and of course relaxing, is not one of them! I have so many paint projects I need to catch up on. I finally have most of Kiera's room done. Hopefully I can share her grown-up room with you next week.  
I think I may even try to set up for Christmas this week. I always hate when people do that the week of Thanksgiving, it feels to early. But this year I'm whistling a different tune, it sounds something like "I've Been Dreaming Of A White Christmas". I'm so in the holiday spirit I think I have to, and I have to time, so mind as well. I have some new decorations this year, and I'm just itching to put them out. 
One of my favorite things to put out, and a holiday tradition, since I can remember, Is my Creche.

  1. 1.
    a model or tableau representing the scene of Jesus Christ's birth, displayed in homes or public places at Christmas.

.........Otherwise know as a Nativity Scene. Mine is a family heirloom, made by my Great-Grandmother, and my Grandmother. It was a pre-made porcelain molded set, that you hand paint. The detail is so beautiful, they were both amazing artists. When I was young it was my job to put it out, and get the scene all arranged. 
This year it will be extra special to set up, thinking of my sweet Grandmother, Tutu, who passed away earlier this year. 

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Tell  me what your favorite holiday tradition is.
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This is Mr. Polar Bear, he's headed to the neighbors for a party, and brought a little present. 

This give away will be open until December 1st, when a new one will be starting. 
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Good Luck!!

This Giveaway is over, Thank you to all who signed up.
Brandy F. was the winner of this cute bear.


  1. We don't have a ton of holiday traditions except for everyone getting together. This year I decided to start a new tradition in our home. We will be doing a reading Advent. Each night starting December 1st the kids will pick a book and we will read it together, cuddled in our Jammies. Hopefully this will be as great as I think it will be.