Friday, December 13, 2013

Covering Arched Windows

Covering windows can be an expensive process. Wood blinds, or custom blinds can be one of those expenses that you don't really feel the value of. They are of course, needed, but its like buying door isn't the fun stuff.  
Arched windows, need to be a custom made, and can be the most expensive piece. 
So I wanted to give you a little money saving tip.

This only works for white blinds, so if you have wood, you'll have to get a piece custom made. 

Here is the arched window we started with, this one is in my sons room. At nap time, this window lets in so much light, its hard to get to sleep. So it had to be fixed. 

I purchase these Ready Shade paper blinds from Lowe's, for about $5 each.
You'll need one for each window. I used a 36" x 72" for my windows. 
Here are the paper shades

These are normally used a temporary window coverings. 
Once they are on the window, it's hard to tell they are even made of paper.

To start, you'll want to measure the window width. 
I feel like holding it up to the window is the easiest, and we are going for easy here. 

Then, cut off the extra

Pre-fit the blind across the window. Cut a little at a time. If you cut to much it wont stay in place.
It should fit snug inside the window.

Next, fold the blind in half, marking the center

On the top of the blind, where you would attach it to the top of a window seal, is a sticky strip. 
Peel of the backing, leaving the sticky side up. 

Next, starting at the ends, fold the blind in half, joining the sticky pieces together. 
Staring at the outside end, will be the easiest way to get get them lined up perfectly. 

This is what it will look like when it is finished.

The last thing to do, is pop it in the window. 

You can attach it with sticky tape, but as long as you don't take to much off the end, it should hold tight. 
There are several versions of these paper shades, some have a room darkening material, but are usually in a grey color.

I did the same thing in my daughters room. She has been burrowing under the covers at nap-time, because of all the light that comes in her windows. 
This doesn't black out the room, but does block alot of the light, and for $5 it's worth it. 
No more burrowing!


  1. That is a fantastic tip! I never would have thought to do that, I would have spent tons on custom shade! Thanks for the how-to!!

  2. Wow. I love those designs for the curtains. It's awesome that you do a very good designing for your house. I hope to make for mine too. I see that you don't have custom blinds... Why is that? Do you prefer curtains than blinds?