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Reserve at Old Fredericksburg Model Part 3

So for the final part of this amazing model home, I'm going to show you the upstairs area.
 If you missed any of the first floor you can see that HERE, and HERE.

At the top of the stairwell, we start with a large open loft area.  This is the perfect space, to gather with friends and play a round of pool. 
The raised ceiling detail, is accentuated with a deep grey base paint. Two glass pendant lights hang over the pool table. There is also a wall of cabinets, complete with a sink, and a wine fridge. 
Two large leather swivel chairs, otherwise know as the "Dr. Evil Chairs", make the perfect seating area for watching a game. 

I love how Dy Lynne used these salvage metal buckets, at one time they were used  in machinery, now they hang on the wall, as a unique shelf. 

 Off to the side of the loft area, is a media room. It has double doors, and there are no windows, so it makes a great movie watching experience.
 To keep in the theme of the house, one wall is fully bricked, and adorned with candle sconces. There is a tall bar table in the corner, which mixes in the metal and wood.
The space is really unique, unfortunately my camera doesn't love dark spaces, so pardon the grainy shots. 

You have to have an amazingly comfy couch, to watch a good movie on...this could be the best looking couch I've ever seen! 
I would never get up. 
It's the perfect depth for laying down, just don't fall asleep! This is every mans "man-cave" dream. It's only missing a small keg next to the couch.

To the back of the loft, sits the boys room. 
This room has such a great warm, vintage feel, with a hunting theme. So lots of metals, and woods, heavy patterns, and warm colors. 

I love the mix of old rusty looking metals, the heaviness of the dresser evens out  this space....And my cute little son, makes this space perfect :)

My favorite thing in this room is the wall art! Dy Lynne picked this up at one of the annual antique shows. There are two of these, on each side of the window. I think these pieces are so unique, no two are alike.
The artist is Dolan Geiman, and he uses found, and salvaged materials to fill a shape cut from wood.  There is everything from license plates, to rope, pieces of yard sticks, railings, and all sorts of painted kind of art! 

Here are are a few more amazing pieces from Dolan Geiman.  

 Check out their shop on Etsy, where you can find even more of this beautiful art. 

For the bed, they used an upholstered headboard, in a black gingham fabric. The duvet is  also black and white, in a chevron pattern, it almost looks tribal. 

Above the bed, hang three small animal skulls. I like how it doesn't have to be large, and heavy to make a statement. The theme "hunting", can be taken to literally, in some cases. But here, Dy Lynne played more with the idea, of the patterns and textures of hunting. Since the bedding is darker and simple, to break it up, they used heavy wool, and plaid pillows, with lots of color. 

The last bedroom upstairs is the girls room, always one of my favorite rooms, as you know. This room is a shabby chic style.  I hand painted the two pieces of art behind the nightstands, to match the rooms color, and theme. 

There is alot of color in this room, but with the muted tones, the room feels soft. Pastels can do this, but it tends to look a bit babyish. Using light warm colors, like from the top of the paint chips, is the better way to achieve this. 

 The main focal point in this room is the girly bed. The traditional netting would work, but this is the deluxe version. 

 For the top of this piece Dy Lynne found an old salvage piece of  cabinet. It was very ornate, but a bit bland. I spruced it up with a little color in some of the crevasses. 

 The idea behind this is really simple, and with the right installation (safety first), you could use just about anything to hang the material from. 

 The materiel used here, are 2 curtain panels, but a couple yards of fabric could work just as well, sewing under the ends. The wood was attached to the wall first, and the material was stapled to the inside edges. You could also use Velcro for an easy change out. 

Some times designers use the term, less is more....I don't think so, I think it is hard to achieve a warm, lived in space, with sparse surroundings. 
I say if it works, find a spot. Your gut will tell you when it's to much...lets hope. 

The last room in this house, is a spare room, and Dy Lynne found the perfect use for it. 
A playroom/homework room. 

For the wall, I used a chalkboard paint look. I painted straight black paint, since we didn't want this to be an actual chalkboard for the model home. The I hand painted designs in different colors, to look like chalk drawings kids would make, while doing homework, or looking for inspiration. 

On either side of the chalkboard, are two rolling, industrial style shelves. The perfect spot for storing papers, buckets of crayons, and little decorative pieces.

An antique table sits against the wall, with two red tub chairs. These chairs really set the feel of the room, and bring in so much color. 

The border on the chalkboard, is made from a burlap ribbon, and attached with simple tacks. 

For the wall space behind the shelving, Dy Lynne wanted to use something creative, and bring in some color. She picked up lots of paper materials throughout her antique shopping. Some were large, like a sheet of poster board, that I cut down to smaller workable sizes. Others were maps, and some were prints of old seed packs, and vintage signs. I decoupaged these on the wall with a wallpaper like paste, overlapping them, and trying to blend the pattern's and colors. 

 I love the way this came out, It looks so cohesive, and much funner than a boring wall color behind. 
You could do this on the back of a bookshelf as well, and get the same effect. 

Sadly, that's it for this beautiful house. I wish I could move right in! 
If you live close by, you have to check it out in person, I am no professional photographer, and my pictures do NOT do it justice. 

Again, check out Dy Lynne, with Dy Lynne Decor, and her team, here and on Facebook here.
A special Thank You to these ladies, for letting me be a part of these homes, and for allowing me to share it with you all!

I show you these models, to see how a true professional does it...and while it seems like it's easy for her...planning one big house, full of decor, is not an easy task.
 So I know it's daunting in your own house, and even with just one room. 
I work with this stuff everyday, so you'd think I'd have it all figured out by now too, but it's hard to think outside the box, and most of us start to feel stuck with what we have. 

If you have a room, that your having  "decorating dilemma" with, start over fresh. 
-Take everything off the walls
-Move the furniture to the center of the room
-Take out all of the decor
 -Grab a friend who has a fresh pair of eyes
 -Change things around, and don't put anything back where it was. 

Look at these Models, and find ideas on placement, and other uses for pieces you may already have. Adding  patterns, color, and texture will also do wonders.  

Check out my Tips & Tricks, and How-To's, for painting and decorating problems. 
Check out my House Tour, for budget friendly ideas, and DIY decorating. 

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