Sunday, March 16, 2014

Color Me- Lucky

For this weeks installment of "Color Me", we are going green. In light of tomorrows holiday, and with spring in sight, I thought this was the perfect color to focus on. 
Green is all about bringing the out doors in. It doesn't have to be super literal with tons of plants and botanical prints. With just a few simple tricks you can bring green into any room.

So lets look at green. 
A muted green can be soft, warm and inviting. It can be more on the lime side, and have a cool eclectic tone. Or you can go bold with it, getting into the richer colors, like an emerald green. 
Depending on the space, and the mood your going for, you can start with a neutral palette, adding in pops of green as you go, or you can start with a green base, and add in you more neutral palette in the decor. 

First lets start with the decor...By keeping the base of a room neutral, you have more opportunities to bring in different shades of green, and to alter your decor as time goes on.
 In this living room, the curtains set the stage. They are a fun green and white pattern, which is also mimicked in the sitting chair. Having these two larger pieces be a light pattern, opens up the room for more color. If you go with a solid here, you have less opportunity bring in your pattern else where. The color is also scattered around the room in the art, pillows, and glass. Remember it doesn't have to be everywhere, but as long as you bring bits of it, to each area of the room, it will feel balanced. 
One of the most important elements in any room, of any color, is always adding in greenery. Here, a set of topiary plants flank the fireplace, and several other faux plants are scattered throughout. This room has a nice warm feel, because no one thing is overpowering, but its also not matchy-matchy. 
Bringing in patterns, and several tones of the green palette helps achieve this.

In kitchens, you obliviously have less space to add color. Here, the same patterned curtain panels were used, and soft artwork helps carry the color around the room. The chairs at the end of table have a bold print, which you can pull off in a room where there aren't alot of soft spaces.   
"Dy Lynne Decor"

The second way to bring in the green, is to put it directly on the walls. 
The right color can make a space calm and inviting. Using a "cool" color on large walls like this, can tend to look pastel, so keeping in the warmer palettes is best for a bedroom space. 
The less light your room gets the lighter your wall color should be. Unless your going for a bold dramatic look, then the darker the better.

Mixing in other colors that are softer than the wall, and in a neutral palette, will help to balance out the deeper color.  You could also swap the color palette here by doing a softer wall color, and heavier prints and pops of color in the room. 
Here, the linen bed-skirt, quilted white coverlet, grass-cloth rug, and the linen headboard all give the space the perfect amount of texture and warmth to balance out the heavier wall color. 
The amount of pattern in this room is minimal, so not to busy up the room, you can find it in the pillows and in the two sitting chairs. Notice the curtains are a solid cream color, and not in a pattern, as this would be to much for the room. 
Besides the striped bedspread and pillows, very little green was used in the decor in this bedroom. 

"Dy Lynne Decor"

The rest of the room maintains the neutral color pallet, keeping it simple and soothing.

The same wall color was used in the large bathroom space, keeping the rest of the colors very simple and neutral.

Need more inspiration...
"Tom McWilliam"
"Diane James Home"

If your going for a more dramatic feel for a space...
Start with a larger separation between palettes, like seen in both of these photos, with the white, black, and  green. Also sticking to just one tone of green, will make a space much more dramatic, even if the decor is very simple.

"Adore Your Place"

Going for an eclectic look....
If you love green, and you have to with a space like this, bringing in several different heavy patterns, and keeping with the same tone of green, will give you a very bold space.

Want a more simple eclectic look...
Keeping a room in a very basic palette, and adding lots of pops of color, allows you to add in heavy bits of green, like on these footstools.
"Kyle Knight Designs"

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All paint colors are Sherwin Williams
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