Saturday, March 8, 2014

Creative Juices

If your day job isn't something creative (like mine).....It can be hard to find inspiration when you do get a chance to do something crafty. 
Having a space that gets the creative juices flowing is a good start. 

Here in this room, a bright fun color palette was used.
Sherwin Williams Colors

A wide stripe of green, was painted at eye level, all the way around the room. This adds character to an otherwise boring room.  As you can see with the angled ceiling, it would have been hard to put a bold color on the entire wall, since there wasn't a continuous stopping point. So the walls and ceiling were painted in the same color, bringing your eye to the stripe. 

Above the green stripe, I hand painted a quote....something for inspiration. Using large letters, and changing up the font, gives it more of a custom feel. 
If your not great at hand-writing the elaborate font, consider borrowing a projector from a local school, or using vinyl sticker letters. 

The work table in this room, is taken away from the wall and put in the center, for a more open feel.  This also gives you more room to move around, and you can have several people working at the table at once. Having a couple stools, welcomes the kids to be creative. 

On the wall, acting as art, are these wrapping paper rolls. Here, form meets function....Use any kind of decorative papers, hanging them on simple curtain rods. 

A simple shelving unit takes on character, with decorative buckets, and glass containers filled with useful crafts items. 

If you have tons of craft stuff, like me, you may need more storage space. Aside from having a wall of shelves, you can use floor baskets to store larger things (fabric, wrapping paper, yarn, blankets). Using different sizes, in a grouping, still gives the space character, without looking overly cluttered. Make sure and fill these, with things you don't mind your kids getting into...because believe me, they will.

I made this custom art, just for this space. Using actual sewing patterns for the base on the canvas, and painting sewing related items on top. 

I know we don't all have a full room, we can devote to getting crafty. But you can use these ideas in a shared space, or in an office.
Also consider using the stripe around the wall to hang children's art work, or painted in chalkboard paint, as a endless canvas. 

The amazing Team at Dy Lynne Decor designed, and put this fun craft space together. Check them out at, or on Facebook, or under the Decor Tab, for more inspiration, and ideas.

Time to get crafty!!

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