Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's a start...

You know that moment, in your head, when you decide you are going to do something? I had that moment over a year ago. I decided I was going to start a blog, to share with my family, friends, and anyone else who needed some inspiration, tips, or how to's. Well, here I am several pounds heavier...a tiny bit wiser...and I've added another child to the chaos....but I am finally getting around start my blog.

I have three children, Ashlyn who is 11 and going into middle school in a couple weeks...YIKES!! Braeden, who is 3, and such a character. Kiera is my baby, 15 months now, and God willing, my last. My wonderful husband, Terry puts up with us all, well pretends to anyway.

I have a full time day job, I am a faux painter. I paint murals, faux finishes, cabinets, and furniture. I LOVE my job! I have been doing it now for almost 14 years. Crazy where life takes you. I hated college... books are NOT my thing, well...neither was studying...or sitting in a desk all day. I've always been into any kind of art, loved crafts, and doing anything creative. So it was only natural my career path would head that direction. I now have several designers, and homebuilders I work for, and now have a  huge referral base of clients. I'm always doing something new, so it keeps my job exciting, and sometimes a little weird.

After my kids go to bed, I get crafty.... I can sit down (in the quiet), watch a movie (usually a chic flick), and be creative. I have done almost every kind of craft, and made some good money at some of those. I have had a couple Etsy business, and I think I have finally found my true calling. I have a shop called Painted Parade, where i paint and accessories plastic toy animals. The  idea to start a business out of it, came to me as I was making decorations for my sisters baby shower. I couldnt believe how cute the animals were turning out, and I knew there were quirky people out there that would love them as much as I did. Turns out they husband on the other hand,  isn't the biggest fan. He thinks they look like drag, they don't get it! Pretty sure he's not really happy about being kicked out of the "study" ( actually my craft room) for plastic animals either, good thing I bought him that comfy chair at Ikea!!

In this blog, I'm going to show you some of my new, painted animals, signs, and custom requests. Post pictures of how people have used them. Show you some of my murals, and faux finishing projects I'm working on. Give you the scoop on our house, where it started, where we are, and how we got there. With some real "learn-by-mistake" advice! But most of all, share with you our journey, as a Christian family,with 3 kids, full time jobs, and a do it yourself house.

I'm not sure who's out there, or who's reading this...but I'm glad your here... and please let me know what you think!

To find out a little bit about me... check out the about me page.

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