Thursday, July 3, 2014

Teen's Mod Bedroom

Summer fun is bringing on all sorts of fun decorating ideas here in our house.
 It's hard not to hit a decor store, without seeing a whole palette of color.  Since some of my friends are spending summer days painting and decorating there homes while they have time, I thought Id throw out a few fun ideas. 
I wanted to show you some inspiration for teen's rooms, since they can be so hard to decorate. 
Girls at that age can be so finicky, my daughter is teeter-tottering on the teenage years herself, and she comes up with some new design or decor scheme everyday (she's definitely got my blood). 
At this age, color seems to be a big part in the overall feel of the room, it cant be bland, or boring. Whenever we hit the paint store, my eldest is immediately drawn to the Pantone paint chips, picking every bright color she can. 

First thing I would keep in mind, is the color on the walls, keep it simple, but still  in a color. Soft, warm, blues, pinks, and greens are good in spaces like these. If your teen has some trouble waking up in the morning, maybe consider a super sunny yellow tone.
The things that are easily changeable in a room, like bedding, art, and curtains, are better in the punches of color. 

Here at this model home, the ladies at Dy Lynne Decor made this room into a colorful, mod, teen's room.  The bedding was the main focal point in the room, and I painted these custom art pieces, to match the colors in the bedding. 

Picking art pieces, can be just a daunting as picking the theme of a room. 
These fun pieces are bright, colorful, and obviously speak straight to a girls heart.
What girl doesn't love makeup, shoes, and perfume???

Keeping the big pieces, like the bed, and dresser in white, and with clean lines, helps keep the bedroom modern. Fun glass knobs, glam up the dresser, and simple beveled mirror is the perfect finishing touch to this area. 

Simple pops of color, like in the frames, and in the jewelry case, help pull the color to this side of the room. It's important to carry the color all the way around the room, and not just on something like the bedding. Otherwise the bedding stands alone and can look to busy, and loud in a room like this.

The third mod-painting, the high heel. What every young girl begs to wear....and the when forced to wear them at an older age, curse the day they were ever invented. 
Ahhhhh, life's circles!

This is definitely a theme that will last for many years, from middle school through high school. 
Well that is if you don't have one of those girls who loves change!!

This room was designed and decorated by the ever-fabulous ladies at Dy Lynne Decor.

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