Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Really there is no better way to put it!
This past year, has been a series of unfortunate events. Most of them from my own making, others I had no control over. 
You may have noticed I haven't blogged in awhile, a long while. I felt a bit anxious about it for the first month, but with the whirl wind that my life was, it couldn't be helped. 

Over a year ago my husband's company announced they were moving the shop to another state. We knew we would have to make a decision to stay with the company and move, or to keep our feet planted and see what that new life may hold. After alot of  praying, searching, and more praying, we finally decided on south Florida for our new home. 

The ball stared rolling VERY fast. Within three weeks, he had accepted  job to move within the company, and was packing his car and driving away ;( 
I on the other hand, had lots of loose ends to tie up here in Texas. We sold our house on the second day, and for the asking price (such a huge blessing), and they even gave us lots of time to pack it all up and move out. And there was TONS to pack up, it seemed to expand as I was packing. I'm always amazed at how much "crap" we actually have.  

Thankfully, I have an AMAZING father, who flew down to help with all last minute packing and moving. I think we may patent some of our amazing packing techniques!

It was super sad to leave the house we put so much into! But I know the new homeowners, and their children will love it too.

Unfortunately, some hangups within the court system, are keeping me from taking the kids and following my husband right now. So basically I've been a single mom of three kids since May. 
I did get to take a long break for about 4 weeks and travel to spend time with family and friends over the summer, back in Colorado. Which was much needed!! I don't think I've stopped working for more than a few weeks since I was in college. 
And the was amazing! Did not make me miss Texas one bit!

When school started, life got even crazier, and I've spent the last 4 weeks getting settled in and trying to get into a schedule. That isn't easy to do with the kids involved in sports and other events. I also decided to take on a lighter work load. I was working SO much before, and I need to make sure I'm really here for the kids since it's just me right now. 

Photo By Paige To Paige Photography

I'm not overwhelmed, and I'm finding the good in the whole situation. 
I know God has a plan! 
Not sure what it is, or where we will all be at in a year from now....but I'm going to enjoy right now.

I know, probably way to much information, and trust me I left all the gory in-between stuff out! 
All this to say, I needed a break I guess, and now I'm back, and I have all sort of awesome things to show you, and teach you!!!

I'll still be blogging about my usual, painting, decorating, color, and doing it yourself. 
And hey, now I have a temporary living situation that I'm working through decorating, and I'll have lots of non-permanent decorating solutions to share with you. 

Thanks for sticking around!!

Also, be sure to check out my Etsy shop, Painted Parade for all the new fun stuff I've been creating over the last 4 weeks. Lots more to come.....

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