Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baseball Boys Room

Since baseball season is in "full swing" (funny I know), I thought I would show you a fun baseball inspired bedroom. 
You don't need a whole lot of decor when doing a themed room like this. With a couple simple statement pieces, you can turn a simple room, into a boys dream bedroom. 
This room was designed by the ladies over at Dy Lynne Decor. Now, if your sons room isn't quite this clean, not to worry, this is in a model home, so luckily it will always look like this. 
The main focal point when you walk into this room, is the giant scoreboard I painted on the wall. The model was in New Braunfels, that is what ended up at the top. But use your child's school name, or your city, in it's place. This is really a simple design, and anyone could mimic it. By just taping off a large box, and painting it with a base color. For the numbers and letters, hand-paint or use stencils. To give it a 3-D effect, and make it pop off the wall a bit, I added a shadow with a warm grey color to the sides, and bottom of the box. This makes it look not so flat. I antiqued the box, by adding water to a brownish tone, then brushed it on and wiped it off quickly. Making it heavier in certain areas. If your going for a newer look, you can omit this step. 

The bed in this room is SO fun. How could you not dream of being a baseball star in this bed?!?
This is from a specialty store here in town, but I bet you could take some old bats, and make something similar yourself?

Above the simple black dresser, two pieces of custom made baseball art that I did, carry the theme to the other side of the room. A basket of baseballs, is just waiting to be taken outside and thrown around.

The boys bathroom even got a mini makeover. The walls were already painted cream, and I gave them some stitched stripes. If your not ready to free hand it just yet, make a simple stencil out of poster board. I painted the red on, then went back with a brown paint, and gave the appearance of a shadow, at the outside ends of each stitch, and the underneath. This makes it pop off the wall, and not look just like a bunch of red lines. 

The denim shower curtain was the final touch. The white buttons on it were a bit simple, so I gave them the same stitching.

That's all it really takes. 
You walk in this room, and know this kid loves baseball. But you also aren't flooded with tons of baseball decor, all over the walls. This can be done very easily, and as long as it is carried around the room, you can have a clean, cohesive look in the end. 
Give it a try yourself!!

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