Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Curb Appeal

Summer is creeping up here in Texas, the days are getting longer, and warmer. It's the perfect season for working outside, picnics, and backyard parties. So to get ready for all of our outdoor play time, we have been working on the outside of the house. Before you know it, it will be in the 100's here, so we have to use our time wisely. The front of our house, has slowly been getting a makeover. For the past two years we have been planting, fertilizing, and getting out yard in tip-top shape. Well I guess I should say my husband has. I just sit back and admire his handy work. I love to garden, but on a small scale, like potted plants. I could plant up a storm, but the heavy shoveling, and lifting, and pulling of weeds, I'll leave to my husband. 

So this is what our house looked like when we bought it. Bushes we dying, grass was dead, total lack of plants, terrible trim color, and basically bad curb appeal. 

Enter my husbands handy work, and now we have some serious curb appeal. Over the past two months, the siding, trim, door, and garage, got a fresh coat of paint. I did pitch in here, and painted the door and the garage.

We used a creamy white tone to bring out the features of the house, Hotel St. Francis Clay Angel (Valspar). The tone-on-tone paint color that was on there before, did nothing for the color of the brick. 

I love these little topiare trees we put in the front. We also replaced the dead bushes, with new ones, but of course they will still need some time to catch up.

The door was a big decision, it really sets the tone of a house. I love something punchy on a front door, especially with brick. We have blue all over the inside of the house, so I kept in the same color palette. I painted it with a deep blue color, Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams. We had also replace the outdoor fixture to one that fit our decor a bit better. The door hardware has also been changed out. It's so funny pulling up to the house now, after living with it the same way for two years. Can't believe we didn't do this sooner. 

 My husband found this giant pot at the local hardware store, and since it blends in with the brick, it needed some color inside. I would love to pretend like I am fabulous gardener like my mom, and spout of what the plants all are...but I'm not. I knew I liked the sweet potato vine, since it's lime green and punchy, and I found two other plants with the right height, and sun requirements. I know that's a terrible method of gardening! Lets just see if I can keep them alive. Wish me luck

Looking to paint your front door? 
Check out these great tones, perfect for adding character to your curb appeal. Try picking a paint with a warm undertone, rather than a cool. You don't want your door to look pastely, unless you live at the beach. Think bright, rich, and bold. 

Via: Home Beautiful

A little nervous?
Check out this great array of colorful front doors for inspiration, and go grab some paint! 

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