Friday, May 16, 2014

Sneak "Pink"

So I have a "sneak pink" for, it's not a typo, just alot of pink!
This is a room I have been working on, I hope to show you the final reveal soon. All the bedding and decor isn't quite in yet. Should be super cute when it's finished, but for now I wanted to show you where we are at.

So this is a 5 years old girls room. I mean what 5 year old kids room doesn't look like a bomb went off. When I got here, the whole room had to be gutted, since I was painting most everything in the room, at one time. It took over an hour to get everything of the wall, and out of the room. 
On the bright side, I don't have to clean it all up later...Yay!!

So obviously this room is really lacking direction, color, and girlyness (yes that is a word, although spell checker has not yet been notified). There were decal stickers on the wall, and it was quite freeing to rip them all down. 

Once the room was free of anything but furniture, I gave the walls a coat of pink paint. I used a flat here, since I was going to be doing a wall treatment over them. I used Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 paint "Petunia Pink" in flat.,
I also gave the furniture a coat of oil primer, in prepping for a oil-based white paint later. 

Next, came one of my favorite wall treatments to do. This is a patterned paint roller. Its like an intricate stencil, but you just roll it on. See the end of the post for the link to the how-to, and where to get yours.
Matching a color in the bedding, I chose this very beautiful dark pink tone. In the photo it does look a bit hot pink, but the lighting was not working with me this day.

 This is the paint I used for the treatment, HGTV home by Sherwin Williams in "Razzle Dazzle". 

I  used a flat paint here, and this is why (see below). These rollers are made of rubber, and can be a bit slick with paint on them. The roller works best on a flat, to semi-flat surface...not a Monterrey texture. These walls were a light orange peel, which is perfect. The dark color I was using on top, needed to be made in a specific brand to walk away with a quart, and not a gallon. I ended up with a flat sheen, which is what you need, but it was a top of the line paint, and smeared all over the wall. The roller really needs to be able to grab the wall. Now, this is not going to come across well for the HGTV brand (and I love me some HGTV), but you want to go with the cheapest paint possible, in the lowest sheen possible. This will ensure a great result of this wall treatment. Obviously you don't need alot of it, but I ended up with a gallon in the end. So if anyone else REALLY loves this color, I've got extra :)

Here is what it should look like. Again, pardon the lighting. 
This pattern is sort of a vintage print, I like to apply it like that as well, not perfectly saturated and deep. Makes it look more like old wallpaper.

On the other side of the room, were these large built in bookcases.

De-cluttered, and walls painted, they are already looking much better.

They needed a little something extra though. So I used the same color from the wall treatment, to paint just the backs of these bookcases. 

I used an oil based paint here, since the wood was previously painted with oil. Latex wouldn't have stuck to it. If your ever unsure, always use oil, you'll save alot of time, and frustration, oil will stick to most anything.

This was a very deep color, so it took two coats, and almost a full quart of paint. 

The pink backs, really make the room feel girly, and give it just the right amount of color. It's important to carry the colors around the room. You don't have to stick to just the three colors you have used, but a range in the palette is best. Once the shelves are up, and they are filled with decor, these will look more subtle. 

 All the furniture got 2 coats of oil-based white, to give them new life. They now match the built-ins, and feel more grown up. 

I just love this technique! Can't wait to show you the final makeover!

 The adjoining bathroom, also got a coat of the light pink, and the same wall treatment. There was not very much wall space in this half of the bathroom, so it worked well. The second part of the bathroom had the bathtub, and toilet and was double the size. This would have been to much for a room this size. This technique is meant to be an accent, not a full room treatment. 

Be sure to check out the full tutorial, on how-to use this fun, and easy paint roller that I did  HERE.

This is where to get your own, Patterned Paint Roller, from Not Wallpaper. They currently have 10 designs, with more coming soon. 

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