Monday, June 2, 2014

How-To: Football Field Wall

 Boys rooms are such a fun place to decorate. It's easiest to decorate around what they love, and if they love it, why wouldn't they want to live in it?! My son would have a whole room of nothing but dinosaurs. He'd love it so much he'd never leave, which is exactly why I didn't do it :)
 Summer seems to be a good season for working on rooms "in the house", to stay out of the heat (or at least here in Texas). So I wanted to give you some ideas on how to update, and decorate kids rooms this week.
I know we still have a couple more months before football season starts, but I had to show you this fun football themed room, it is so easy to pull together.

The back wall was painted a turf green to start. With some simple taping, and white paint, you could pull this off in under an hour. See the how-to below.

Over the wall technique some cute scrabble letter tiles were used (from Hobby Lobby).

For the bedding, a simple blue striped comforter was used. A plaid, or a solid, would also work well in here. A green and white blanket sits at the end of the bed, which pulls the green around the room. Football art, and a green beanbag finished out the other areas of the room. 
This room was designed, and decorated by the ladies at Dy Lynne Decor.

The first step in this wall treatment is to paint the wall. You could try "Envy" or Grasshopper" by Sherwin Williams. A flat paint is probably best here, you don't want it any sheen. 
For the tape, I used Frog Tape. The wall had a texture to it, and I didn't want any paint seeping through, this tape is the best for this kind of technique.
 The trick with this tape, is to wet the edges slightly. A lightly damp rag, rung along the edges of the tape will ensure a clean line.

To mark my lines, I used a measuring tape, and a level. You will need to decide how many lines you want to add. I decided  not to do they whole field, the smaller your space, the less you need. If you have a really tall wall, add more. I also put the numbers on every other line, like on a football field. 

After marking all of my lines out on the left side of the wall, I made the same measurements on the middle and right side of the wall. I used a level to make a few marks in between. If your wall was small you may not even need that step, but you want the lines as straight as you can get them. I used my frog tape, and lined it up with my marks. After you have them all on, this is when you will run a damp cloth down the tape. Doesn't take long, but it will help the paint not to bleed under. 
An important step, it will save you lots of cutting in later.

I did the same thing for the two additional stripes going vertical up the wall. A normal field has little hash marks going down the field, but save yourself some time and stress, and just do a solid line, you get the same impression. If you want the stripes to overlap, you can cut off any excess tape where the two lines meet. I think it looks less like a plaid wall if you leave them separate.  

Next take your white paint, and a small brush, and run over all of your stripes. I needed two coats here, to cover over the green. 

Once your done, pull off your tape. 

For the numbers, you can make a stencil by hand, buy number stencils, or just hand draw each number. I will tell you, it is a bit of a challenge drawing sideways like that. Then paint in your number up the wall. Again skipping a line between them.

There you have it, couldn't be simpler! Anyone could do this, and in less than an hour.

Want more football room inspiration?
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