Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lacrosse Bedroom

I've gotten some questions lately about boys room, more specifically sports rooms. Iv'e shown you several over the past year, but I haven't gotten to lacrosse yet. 
Some of you may not have lacrosse in your area, but you can use some of these ideas with other type of sports rooms. 

How fun is this room? 
This room was designed and decorated by Dy Lynne Decor. This model home was actually a move over, so it is the second time I painted it :) Good thing I like it. 
The logo I painted, is from the local college. 
All the walls in the room were painted in a deep blue. If you are designing a room around team colors, or logo, pick your tones carefully. You don't want a bold color all over your room that you can't live with daily. You can always pick a neutral color for the base of the walls, and put your punch of color on just one wall.
 The stripe of orange, on the main focal wall, was best big, so the logo could fill the space.

For the bedding, keep it simple. Sticking with 1-3 colors that are in the rest of the room. You want the logo to be the focal point, not the bedding. 
I painted two pieces of custom lacrosse art for the room. One was hung over the bed, the other on a side wall.

Instead of using a curtain rod here, above the window, they placed a lacrosse stick to hold the curtains. If you were doing a baseball themed, you could put two bats end to end, and use them as a rod. 

This fun orange leather stool, helps lighten the desk area.

You don't need alot of art in a room like this. Here, the lacrosse sticks hung around the room, act as the art. 

The lacrosse sticks are very simple to mount, and hang with just one screw.

The logo is obviously the main focal point of the room. If the logo you are using doesn't have alot of words, or doesn't specify the sport, use the space above the stripe, to add it.  

So how to paint the logo?
Well, the first time I painted this room, in the other model, I free handed to whole thing, and that's alot of work. 
If you don't have the experience, I wouldn't attempt it. 
For this go around, I used my projector. I know it seems a bit like cheating, but when you need to do logos, they should be exact. So this is my go-to method for these areas.  I use a modern projector, one I can plug into my computer, but for years I used an old school projector. If you can get your hands on one, this is a simple method. 
If not, you can have the logo printed out at you local copy shop, in a large scale. Then you just tape then together, and tape it to the wall. The easiest way, to get you image to the wall, is to take a piece of chalk (sidewalk chalk is soft and works best here), and rub it all over the back of your paper. When you start to trace the image, it will imprint the chalk to your wall. just be careful not to smudge your lines when you start to paint. Here, I painted all of the blue first, and went back in with the white. Some spots may need more than one coat of color.....especially the dreaded orange, not my favorite color to paint with :)

For the logo, try to use it in scale, if you have a big empty wall like this, keep it big. If it is going above a bed, make sure it is the right proportion for the space. You can add a circle around the logo, or a stripe to make it appear bigger as well. The possibilities here are endless, pick a team you child plays on, a local team, or even a nationally known team, in any sport. 

And that is all it takes, some color on the wall, a logo, and some sports themed art pieces. 

Here are a couple of other sports themed rooms I've shown you recently.

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