Wednesday, November 13, 2013

3 Tips For Buying Paint

When working with clients, I always get asked what paint I use. I think people are comforted by what they know. Usually they have used something themselves from the box store, or a painter previously had used a certain brand. 
 For my everyday stuff, I like to use Sherwin Williams, though I find most of my color choices in other brands fan decks. I know that sounds a little confusing... ...Every paint company sets up their fan decks differently, so I use different ones, for different projects. At any given time I have up to 12 fan decks. 
I have lost a few to a spray adhesive accident, and others to a dumped over quart of paint...whoops!
Obviously I have a better system now.

Some decks display all the whites together, which is helpful for picking cabinets and ceiling colors.

Some have really good reds, while others are good for your neutral colors.  

This leads me to my first tip to buying paint....
1. Most all local paint stores, have in their computer, the formulas to competitor paint colors.
So if your shopping at Lowes, and have a paint color from Home Depot or Sherwin Williams for example, they can still make the paint there.  Some newbies may not know how to find it, so bring your patience...but it can be done! But know that when you go to buy another can in the future, you need to gt the same kind of paint, using the same formula. Meaning, don't try to go to Sherwin Williams and have them mix the original color that you purchased at Lowe's. The cans of paint are different, and the color will vary slightly form company to company. 
From the specialty paint stores, you can purchase fan decks, these usually run $10-$20.

2. Discounts...Paint can get expensive, especially if you are using the good stuff. The box stores usually run promos on gallons, or 5 gallon buckets during holiday weekends. 
Check online ads to see who has the best deals.
 There are a couple ways to get discounts at Sherwin Williams...If you go to their website, you can choose to view it as a Homeowner, or as a Contractor. This will change the types of products they will show you and the promotions available. Under the homeowners tab, you can sign up to be a preferred customer. You will receive 10% off of your paints and supplies. They will also send you monthly emails about upcoming sales (some up to 50%), and you will be notified of preferred customer only events. 
When you first sign up, they even give you a $10 off coupon. There is also a coupons tab you can check for more coupons.  

Time to save some money! 

3. Keep track of your paint colors! I cant tell you how many times, a painter or a client has purchased a paint, and when they go back to get another can for touch ups later, it doesn't match. 
It's of course, always better to have more paint than you need. 
You will always need to do touch ups in the future. 
If you finish a can of paint, keep the lid. This has the formula, and the kind of paint used.

 If the formula is on the side of the can, tear off the paper, and store it somewhere safe. 

You can always write it down, but make sure you have ALL the info. Taking a picture of the formula, and putting it along with the written part helps. Include a snapshot of the front of the can, this will have the sheen, brand, and type of paint. 
(This is helpful when you move, to give the new homeowners...if you have ever had to repaint a room, because you didn't have the info, you can appreciate this!)

Remember when buying a new can, stick to the same brand of paint, and the EXACT same sheen. Otherwise it wont match.
When shopping at  Sherwin Williams, give them your name, they can keep track of all your paint purchases. 
At Lowe's they can keep track of your paint colors with the My Lowe's card...then you can give them your phone number to search through your previous purchases for a specific color.
These are some of the local stores near me, I'm sure many other stores have similar programs.

Next week I'll fill you in on what sheen works best for different projects!

(I do no work for, and am not paid by any paint company for any of this information...this is what I use, therefore, what I know!)

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  1. We've been looking at buying some paints. This project is going to be so much fun to repaint our kitchen! We want to make sure we get everything right when we buy our paint though.