Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Things- Embroidery Hoop Art

Embroidery hoop art is all the rage right now, and it's defiantly one of my favorite things. 
Its simple, hand made, and the possibilities are endless. On Etsy alone, there are thousands of designs. I ran across some designs I loved, at Three Red Apples, and knew that Annabelle would be perfect to custom make a couple for me. 
I wanted a fun piece, to go with the blog. I just told her I wanted a wren, and let her do the rest. She sketched it out, and sent me pictures to make sure she was on the right track. She used a mix of fabrics, and added the name. 
I just love how it came out. 
Design Custom Made by Three Red Apples
The piece was finished off so nicely on the back, with a fresh piece of fabric. 
The only problem was having to wait while it was shipped! I hung it immediately in my craft room. Can't wait to show you that, when I get the room finished. 

The next piece was a "sursee" for a friend of mine. She has an entire family of chickens in her backyard, and we lovingly call her "Crazy Chicken Lady". I thought this was so fitting.  Annabelle makes another version of this with three chicken. My friend has four children, so I had her make a chicken for each, and add their names. 
She absolutely loved the piece, how could you not?
Design Custom Made by Three Red Apples

So if you just read that, and were like, what the heck is a "sursee", let me explain. In my family we called an unexpected gift or surprise, a sursee. It comes from my aunt and my mother, mostly because we are a family of shoppers, and my family knows how to get, and find great little things. 
When ever we see someone after a time apart, at an event, or just because it was to perfect, we bring a little something. 
My aunt Leslie even writes a blog, entitled Sursee.  I love her take on the idea of an unexpected gift, it doesn't have to be something tangible. She uses a card, a phone call, a quick prayer, or some helpful advice, as a daily sursee to others. Go check out her blog...Sursee Gal

Here are a couple more of Annabelle's amazing pieces of art.

"Lets Go" by Three Red Apples
"I Love My Bed" by Three Red Apples

"Off To See The World" by Three Red Apples
 Go check out her site, she has lots of designs...I warn you though,  its hard to choose...and they are addicting. I already have her working on some Christmas presents!

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