Friday, August 16, 2013

Elmer the giraffe...

I'm so excited to be able to share with you all my fun new paint projects, and new party animals..... I have tons of ideas floating around in my head for new animals, and  this is going to be a  great way to force me to make some of  those happen! I've been working on some new types of animals...Sports & Team Mascots, and Western Characthers. Im so excited about these, football season is coming up, and how fun would it be to have a football party and have a little painted mascot sitting on top of a cake.

Have some ideas for an animals? Let me know.

The first animal I sold on Painted Parade, was my very favorite! Elmer, he is even my thumbnail picture. Well, he went to a good home....Carri had a party for her daughter, Kinley Jaye's second birthday. Elmer was a cake topper for her cute, pink, ruffly cake. She sent me pictures and I just had to share them!

Here's sweet little Elmer...

Here is Elmer at the party,

Id love to see more party pictures with your party animals. I'll be posting some of my own soon :)

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