Saturday, August 31, 2013


Have you ever been to a store, and see a cool piece of painted furniture, or a piece or art, or a fun craft, and said "I can do that"?
Well you are not alone. Which is the reasoning behind Pintrest im sure, saving a pile of 
Here is one of my knock-offs. These are canvas art pieces from Pottery Barn Kids. They had a zebra, and giraffe that were in boy colors, and a hippo and giraffe in girl colors. Pottery Barn no longer carries them but I believe they were $129 each. Right now, I have found them online in several locations for about $149 each. 
A client of mine, had me paint two of these for a baby shower she was throwing. It was a safari themed party, and these were going to be used a room decor afterwards. These were fun to paint, simple colors, and basic detailing. I just purchased a roll of canvas from Micheal's, cut to size, painted the background colors, and then painted the zebra and giraffe on top. When I painted these, I used an unprimed canvas, I now use a primed canvas roll for any projects like these, it's a bit more solid and paints much better. I used acrylic tubes of paint purchased form the craft store. They dry much fast than the latex paint from a home improvement store. 

These were made for less than half the original cost. You could use this same idea, of a canvas cloth, painted with any sort of design. There's a dowel glue to the top, the rolled. You could attach rope, twine, or ribbon to the top for hanging. Pick something that goes with the type of painting your doing. 

The original art from Pottery Barn Kids 
"My version" of the zebra,  during the process

"My version" of the giraffe, during the process

Here they are displayed at the baby shower.

Want one? Or something like it? Let me know!

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