Saturday, August 24, 2013

Entryway Makeover

I've always wanted a grand entryway. In the beginning this space in our house, was anything but grand. There was lots of tile, and a yucky green wall, and check out that light fixture. When Terry took it down he asked me if he should post it on Craigslist, you can imagine the look I gave him. I tried explaining that it's total value, was less than the light bulbs still in it. The tile was a total pain to get up, and a HUGE mess. That was all taken up when we put down the wood floor. I put down a long woven runner with fringed ends, from Ballard Designs. The doors on the right are to my very unfinished craft room.

In the beginning...
Entry Before
Entry After
The Sailfish started off as a joke. My husband said not to go to "beachy" with the house, so while at a antique store with my sister-in-law, we ran across a Sailfish. I sent a picture to my husband, who I was sure would tell me I fell of my rocker. When I told him, it already had a sold tag on it, he was REALLY upset. I was pretty sure he was kidding, but by the time I got home he had found one on Craigslist. The next morning we hitched up a trailer, drove to Austin, and picked it up. He was the perfect addition to our house, "Captain Jack". 

Entry After

This was a piece my husband found on Craigslist, another good deal. It was very well built, with thick glass doors, and weighs a ton. I painted and gave it a good sanding. 

Entry Table Before
Entry Table After

The lighting was a fun find. I was browsing through my favorite antique shop, and there was a stack of these old, and yellowed lamp shades. The edges had a fun braided trim, and they were scalloped. The size was right, and at $10, the price was right. I took a razor blade and started just under the trim and cut off the fabric part. I was left with the frame, exactly what I wanted. My hubby attached it to a light kit, and on the very top rung of the ladder, on top of the scaffolding, installed it....VERY carefully. 

Lighting Before

Lighting After

Now I have grand entryway!

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