Friday, October 4, 2013

Bird crazy

Of course, If you know me, you know I love birds!!!
So obviously, I was super excited, when my client said she had a space on her wall, and wanted me to paint her a bird wing. I had already painted her a giant hand, which you can read about here.  

She was moving a couple things around in the house (we woman love to constantly re-arrange!) 
The hand was being moved to the breakfast table wall, so the entry was ready and waiting.

She had tracked down a giant birdcage piece, and planned to stick it on her entry table. We came up with the idea of doing a piece of a bird wing, to go with the new theme.
Sticking with her color scheme, I painted a piece of an Egret's wing. This was painted on a 4' x 5' canvas.

 I used grey's and white's, and a glaze in the background. I also added some simple gold elements, to bring in the ceiling fixture I recently painted a silvered-gold color.
 I added part of their last name, to make it more custom.

I placed a couple book pages aound, to give more of an old, collage feel.

In it's space.

Normally I am painting something directly onto someones wall (which I did also do in this entryway). 
So I love making custom painting's like this. It gives me some freedom in my artwork, and I love that it is hanging in someones home, where it makes a statement when you first walk in. No one would expect it. 

Have an idea for a custom painting... fill me in!

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