Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Garden Nursery

As fall rolls into Texas, we have a little nip in the air, it only lasts for a hours or so each morning, but the cool air is nice. My daughter is excited just to get to wear a cover up...for now. Some of you might be living in places that are ready for snow. I don't envy you!

Just in case your in one of those  areas, here is a way to keep it summer time all year round.
A painted  mural in a child's room, nursery or playroom area, can bring the outdoors in...and the best part is, you never have to water it!!

A good friend of mine, not long ago, had asked me to help her create a nursery. She gave me the fabrics, and said she just wanted it girly.  So I used her color palette, and came up with a garden theme. What girl wouldn't love flowers.

I painted a mural all the way around the room, but kept it simple enough, to not be overwhelming. White picket fences, flowers, and little bugs. The fence went to chair rail height, and the vines of flowers help fill the upper wall space, with out needing to add any art.

The child's name was painted like topiary's, cut to the shape of the letter. Each was placed in a different type of pot. 

 Perfect home for a ladybug.

For the curtain's, I used sheer panels, attached them to hooks, and topped them with flowers. The pull backs were also adorned with flowers. This is a really simple way to dress up otherwise boring curtains, hanging on a rod. All it took was a dab of hot glue (my favorite tool).

The floral bedding

A twin bed was added in coordinating fabrics. 

Hope this helps you stay warm!

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