Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vintage Godzilla

My son loves dinosaurs, T-rex mostly, but anything that roars.
 He roars and acts like a dinosaur, probably 100 times a day....he wants to go to the dinosaur museum the dino books at dino oatmeal for with plastic dinosaurs...and watch any dinosaur movie out there. 

We did have a little trouble when we took him to the dinosaur exhibit at our local museum though. It was a great exhibit! The dinos though, looked very life-like. They even had a giant T-rex, he moved his head and tail back and forth, and growled. He was awesome, but Braeden was totally freaked out. He was so excited to go, but wouldn't leave his dad's shoulders once we got there.

Last week Godzilla vs. Megalon was on T.V., so my husband recorded it. We threw it on after dinner tonight to see what the kids thought of it. 
Wow, was it bad. 
Click here to read about the movie

It was made in 1973, and for it's time, and TV clarity then, Im sure it was great. For some reason it was filmed in Japanese, and dubbed in English, which made it worse. 
The characters, lines, and the whole thing, were soooo corny, we couldn't stop laughing. Obviously they had no idea someone would clean up the clarity 35 years later and you would be able to see all the detail 
Or maybe it was never meant to be seen again, either way. 

My son of course loved it. He has never seen a Godzilla movie, but has played with my husbands vintage Godzilla toy a time or two. This toy, my husband has had since he was a kid. It has even had a few repairs since then. It has an arm that shoots off, which we do have, but I get tired of having to attach it for him, and being shot at, so I didn't put it on.

He growled for every question he was asked tonight.. which he is very good at.

Tonight, he wanted Godzilla to sleep in his closet, which means he liked him, but was still a little freaked out, so I better hide him away.
This would be a great gift for a husband, brother or son, who loved this toy growing up. My husband gets such joy pulling this thing out, thinking about the memories, and sharing new ones with our son. 
I found a couple on Ebay, they seem to go for almost $140. It is Godzilla from the Shogun Warriors, it has an arm that shoots, and a  lever on the back to make his tongue stick out. The plastic on this thing is super vintage, they don't make toys like this anymore. 

Check it out, even if just for a laugh....I don't recommend the movie though :)

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