Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alamo Ranch Model 2

Working in a model home, really is the best job, they aren't regular clients. The builder has entrusted the design and decorating, to the designer. This is one I worked on with the gals from Dy Lynne Decor, Dy Lynne, and Janet. Somehow they get the whole plan in there head...put it on paper to show the builders...and then have to buy furniture and decor for an entire house. Some times they even have two models a week. If you thought you had alot going on in your head, try juggling all that. These houses always come out beautifully executed though. I get to do some fun new things at these models. 

Here are pictures from a recent model home in the Alamo Ranch area of San Antonio. 

Guest Bath

Craft Room

The quote was painted directly on the wall in black, and poppy. I did three custom art pieces, to look like chalkboard art. The wall treatment was a great addition. A whole room of vintage yard sticks, is hard to come by these days. So instead, she used new yardsticks, form the local hardware store. I didn't count, but there are a ton!! They were individually nailed on the wall, like wainscoting. There is a stick nailed on top of the others, horizontally, going all the way around. Then a ledge is made, by placing one lying flat across the top of the top of the sticks. Then I came in and stained the sticks with several colors to give them an aged look. 

 Yard sticks before

 This room has great wood beams on the ceiling. Wood furniture pieces, help weigh this room down.

Dining Room

I painted 2 niches in the hallways with a bronze metallic glaze. It wasn't heavy, just enough to highlight what was in them, and tie the warm wood floor in. This is a simple way to bring the rooms around the hallway together. Even just a base paint in a niche brings in character.  

Breakfast Area

The kitchen had black distress cabinets.


Master Bedroom

Guest Room
They used bead-board on the ceiling in this room. It was painted in a tan color to coordinate with the natural linen headboard. It is a great way to make the room look taller, and draw your eye up.

It makes you want to move in..huh??

Check back soon for the next model home reveal.  

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