Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Drab To Fab

Do you have a piece of furniture or piece of architecture, that is dull, or had seen it's last day?
Have can have a new life! 

Paint can do wonders for transforming and updating a piece...any piece. From the rusted, and chipped, to the stark white and never been painted. 

Here are a couple pieces, that were just that way.

Some seriously disheveled chairs, that got a fresh coat of shiny yellow....after some serious sanding, and 6 cans of spray paint.


A boring ceiling medallion gets a metallic treatment. This is the perfect way to bring a room together, and draw your attention upward. If you have a simple chandelier, adding a  medallion can really add impact, even with just a simple coat of paint. This medallion is sprayed with an oil rubbed bronze. The edges are brushed with a turquoise color, any patina color will do. 

This simple tin ceiling was screaming for some glam. It was already base painted in a cream color. I gave it a metallic glaze, and highlighted some of the high points. 

A blank door is another great place to go from drab to fab. A little bit of paint can transform a door, or turn in to a personal piece. 
These doors had a glass panel, I painted on the back of the glass, in reverse. The best way to do this is to print out what you want on the glass, on paper to size, and tape it to the front of the door. For a cleaner look it is best to paint the back, it also keeps little hands off.  You can use glass paint, but it will take alot of coats. There are some specialty paints you can use for this, but the easiest way to do it yourself is to use acrylic paints. Just remember to do it all in reverse. To finish it off, you can use frosting spray, or a white matte paint, that will go on last. 

This door was just a boring pantry door. A couple layers of paint, and some crackle, make this door look aged. A little bit of hand painting turns this door into a custom piece.


 If you have a piece that is needing a new life, grab a brush...don't be intimidated, it's not permanent. 

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