Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Girly Inspiration

My youngest daughter is already 16 months! I can't believe how time flies. 
When we moved into this house, I was still pregnant. I painted and painted, from top to bottom. 
The last room was Kiera's, and a couple hours after I finished, I went into labor. 
She had to have her room done (she does like to have her way). 
Problem was I never really finished her room.. I'm not sure I have really finished any room in my house.

Since she's the third she gets the hand-me-down furniture. This was not a decision I was super happy with, I wanted girly...but we had to make budget cuts somewhere. The crib and dresser were my sons, they were more of a modern look. So I tried to girly it up with the fabric.

Here is the unfinished version she currently has... No judging...not my normal level of work!

Fairly bare walls

I made the sheets, bumpers and dust ruffle. 
The fabrics are Heather Bailey, from the Pop Garden Collection. 

My wonderful Grandmother,  made a baby quilt  for Kiera's room, using some of the fabrics. It's one of her favorite things.

I had meant to put up something on the wall...but I had a newborn, and 2 other children, come on :)

Soooo.....what to do now???
She's getting ready to move to a bigger bed, and get rid of the crib. Since the only thing really holding the room together is the bedding fabrics, I think I get a fresh start.
I have been going Pintrest crazy, looking at ideas on how to rework her room, it's a sickness. I was thinking about two twin beds, but my husband does not like the idea....I'm workin on him.
So Im plotting and planning, and one day, not to long from now, I will start, and finish, her room!
I'll keep you posted.

Until then.....
 Here are some pictures from a sweet girls room I did with Finishing Touches
Branches with Cherry blossoms.

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