Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shabby chic nursery

I love to work on nurseries, making a beautiful place for a special baby to sleep. 
Isn't it funny all the work that goes into a nursery? 
I'm my case, the nursery design plan was a HUGE deal, for all three of my kids. More so my son than anything. 
I am a girly girl, not really frills and lace, but I love floral, pinks, dresses, and hair clips. So it was really breaking out of my box to design a boys nursery. I stressed and stressed about it, I think hormones made it all seem worse than it was. I made boards, and looked at fabrics until I was literally blue in the face. All for a babies room, one that will have NO IDEA the difference between Winnie the Pooh, and Nursery Couture. My kids, were in my room, in a bassinet for several months anyways. But still we plot, and plan, worry, and make the perfect nursery. I think it is somehow calming, bringing a baby into this crazy world, and knowing they have a beautiful, peaceful place to stay. 

If I could plan, and paint kids room entirely, I would. 

This is a really sweet nursery I did with Dy Lynne Decor. Shabby chic...vintage, simple and pretty. One of my favorite nursery styles. You can mix old and vintage, with dainty and new, and nothing has to match. 

In this room, I washed out the walls with a brown glaze, to give it that bit of age. 

The ceiling had a beadboard treatment installed, in white. I put a blue wash over the entire thing.

On the closet door, I glazed the outside panel in brown, and painted the inside panel with the blue glaze. 
I also added some hand painted designs, and the initial "E".

I love how this room turned out, now it's ready for baby!!!

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