Monday, September 2, 2013

Creative Juices

There are few things that get me really excited, like skip a beat excited. Sadly for my waistline, Nutella is one of those things, besides chocolate, an art store really does it for me.  

I'm in Denver Colorado right now, for my fathers retirement party. After 39 years, he's calling it quits, and will be working on turning his hobby and talent as a photographer into a full blow business. Today we headed downtown to pick up some mat board at an art store called Meininger.

I guess depending on where you live, you may have a couple stores like these.
 But where I'm from we don't!

I felt like a kid in a candy creative juices were flowing!

My parents took my kids so I could I ogle over brushes, paints, and papers. The selection is unreal, they have every tool, and medium you can think of. When I walk in a place like this, I want to go home and make something...start something I've never done before. This makes me happy we don't have a store like this close buy, I'd spend every dollar there. The had giant rolls of watercolor paper, portfolios, kids art rescouces, canvas, pencils, and even a huge section of spray paints, and believe me I wanted to take up graffiti. 

I love the way these pastels are displayed!
I want to go home and start pastels again, it's been years since I've done that. It's been awhile since Ive done much of any art, just for fun. Work, kids, life, and time, seems to be in my way.

And oh the brushes.... They are endless... I'll dream of this when I'm painting a mural with my cheap craft store brushes

Of course Im drawn to all the paints, it's what I do... they have every brand, and every type, for rows and rows.
My eldest daughter asked me a few weeks ago, If I could have a free 1 hour shopping spree to anywhere, where would it be? Of course the first thing that popped out of my mouth was Target.... don't tell me you weren't thinking the same thing? After going here, I might change my answer... How fun would that be!!!

In a couple areas, they had these giant racks of handmade papers, in all sorts of colors and designs. These sheets are about 20" x 30", slung over these dowels...there were probably 100 different ones. Most ranged from $4-$10.  I was trying to pick one for my craft room, which was not an easy task, but I finally settled on a blue and gold designed paper.
 Look for it soon, when I post pictures of "The craftroom".

While going through a series of drawers, I found this amazing paper. It looks as though it had been piece together, complete with strings hanging out the ends. there are holes throughout the middle of the paper...I couldn't help thinking how cool this would be with something behind it. My mom suggested fabric, but I'm also thinking it would look great over a board that is faux finished in a metallic, or over a mirror. Not sure but the creative juices are flowing.... check back to see what I decided to do with it.

Outside of the store they had this funny little car... one side has been given a full graffiti treatment. Here is Braeden adding his artistic touch to the back.

On the front is a creepy pair of eyes. I didn't et him see it till after I shot the photo. When he stepped back, he tucked his arms close to his body, and said, "eww that's creepy"

Next time you in need of a little inspiration...
step into YOUR local art store, and get YOUR creative juices flowing!!

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  1. Gal,
    Love this post. I adore art stores, too. Love how you put in all the photos; they made me drool. I want some pastels and brushes now!!